Fiberglass gutters are very strong, made with a 3-ply construction for decades of low maintenance beauty and function. The color is in the first ply and it is finished with a durable molded-in isthmic gel coat. And while they never need painting, they will readily accept paint.

Some houses are designed to function without gutters, but most, especially here in the Northeast US, require them. Water from the roof can damage fascia, siding, and windows. It can damage landscaping and allow water to pool at the foundation exacerbating hydrostatic leakage into basement and inviting pests into the moisture laden foundation. In the winter melting ice from the roof can reform on sidewalks and stairs. And unless your front door is on gable end of the house, you may have to make your way through a curtain of water.

For functionality and beauty, our gutters are a step above the commonplace!
Round gutters, like round downspouts, don’t have corners to slow down the flow of water. They are more efficient. Our half-round gutter with the unique front lip design has a greater front-to-back strength than standard design half-round gutters. They offer a similar profile to wood gutters with more than twice the carrying capacity and they never need to be oiled. Of course we also offer many options for mounting the gutters that are both strong and beautiful.

No. While we recommend round downspouts, we offer both round and rectangular downspouts, both smooth and corrugated. We can also provide custom sizes in copper.

OWG has several options for helping you keep debris out of your gutters. 

We offer variations on screening, either on the gutter or in the outlet.

We have access to “waterfall” or “helmet” and foam systems, and are constantly striving to provide the latest technology. Please keep in mind that so far we have not found the magic bullet. No one solution is ideal (so far!) for any scenario.

Please call with questions specific to your situation and we will be happy to advise you.